Why Should You Drink Celery Juice Everyday?

Celery juice is the wonder juice full of nutrition and antioxidants. It has become the latest health fads with thousands of people drinking the juice every day. The discovery of health benefits of celery is nothing new as for thousands of years the Chinese having been using it in their medicines. It offers several health advantages to those drink the juice of celery daily. It is not at all surprising that celery juice has become a daily habit as those who consume experience increased energy levels and better immunity. The juice is great tasting as it is. But if you prefer to increase it's nutrition profile you can add a variety of other fruits and vegetables to great exotic new juices or even smoothies. To add a touch of sweetness try mixing it with fruit juices. If you prefer it a little tangy try adding a twist of lemon juice, if you want a hint of sharpness to the juice try a bit of ginger. There are many different ways you can enjoy your celery juice.

Unfortunately, celery is a very stringy and tough vegetable making it difficult to juice. There are a variety of ways you can extract juice from this. But the most effective and efficient way to do it is using a masticating juicer or better still a triturating juicer with augers. Omega has a masticating juicer with celery juicing attachment. The masticating juicer handles the stringy celery with ease without getting jammed. If it does the reverse function that some masticating juicers have help untangle the machine. With centrifugal juicer you can extract juice by cutting it in to smaller bits. Feed it through the tube and enjoy the juice in a few short seconds. The juice extracted through the masticating process retains most nutrition while in the centrifugal juicing process some of the nutrition is lost to heat and oxidation due to the method of juicing.

A blender can also be used to extract celery juice. But the whole process needs lot of preparation and is messy. It will lead to lot of wastage both due to loss of nutrition and due to low juice yields. Also, the long fiber might get entangled in the blades preventing it from spinning causing the machine to stall.

What is the best juicer for celery?

Your best bet is a horizontal masticating juicer with a celery juicing attachment. Vertical masticating juicers and centrifugal machines face some issues while juicing celery. The long and tough fibers of celery form large balls which block the outlets of the vertical machines and stop the machine from working effectively or completely stop juicing. To avoid these problems it is best to cut the celery into smaller pieces when juicing using these machines.

If you want the best juicer for celery and don't mind paying for it, a triturating twin-gear juicer is the best method to extract celery juice. It produces maximum yield with minimal loss of nutrition or taste. The problem with triturating juicers especially if you are a newly minted juicer, is that it takes a long time to learn how to juice with them. The learning process is also difficult as assembly to operation everything is complicated. High cost is a also a deterrent. As a beginner level juicer it is best to go for a less complicated and far easier to operate machine like a horizontal masticating juicer. The juice yield is high, the taste excellent and nutrition quality is also great. You can actually keep it refrigerated in the fridge for 3 days without loss of taste or nutrition.