Why Should You Buy Fruit And Vegetable Juicer?

Everyone knows that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables should be part of our daily eating. But how many of us eat the minimum 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. Most folks just skip the vegetables and go on to meat course and dessert course. In fact, many meat eaters refuse to even consider eating one serving of fruits or vegetables.

They simply abhor the idea of chewing and swallowing greens and veggies. Enter a fruit and vegetable juicer. Using a good quality slow fruit and vegetable juicer you can juice a whole variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and greens to extract amazing and delicious juices. As every bit of nutrition is extracted from the produce you can benefit from massive doses of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other vital nutrients these fresh juices provide.

The pulp can also be put to good use by mixing it with patties, soups, sauces and gravies. As all the juice is extracted the pulp has no taste as such but there is lot of useful fiber in it. And this fiber helps in binding the toxins and expelling it from the body. Even folks who hate the very idea of eating fruits and vegetables are ready to drink up the freshly made juices.

We consume a ton of canned beverages, sweetened and aerated drinks which are bad for our health and teeth. Even if you drink just one can of soda per day that is still a lot of empty calories and sugar. Instead replacing it with freshly extracted juices with the help of your fruit and vegetable juicer can simply change how you feel and perform through the day.

The juices help in removing toxins from the body. They help in repairing damaged cells, tissue and in keeping the different organs of the body performing at peak capacity. Actually, plain water is also good enough to remove toxins. But, for the same reason that we avoid eating vegetables and fruits, we also tend to avoid drinking water and instead reach for a can of sweetened beverage. While fresh juices are chock-full of useful nutrients, the canned beverage offers only sugar and useless calories.

Vegetable and juices made of greens almost zero calorie drinks. Adding a fruit or two add some calories to the drinks. It is not empty calories. They are nutritious and help fuel the body. With the help of vegetable and fruit juicer you can control what goes into your drink – the right number of veggies, greens and fruits. This in turn controls the taste, calories and fructose in the drink. You could tailor your drink to be energizing in the mornings, nutritious for the afternoons and soothing for the night. Every aspect is in your control.

The internet is a great boon as there are literally millions of recipes for every conceivable type of condition and need. Everyday new recipes are getting added. There are blogs and websites dedicated to juice recipes. There are communities around juicing on Pinterest and Instagram. Facebook, YouTube have their dedicated juicing channels and pages. With so many recipe choices and information on juicing you cannot claim that you do not know how to make juice.

All you need is a fruit and vegetable juicer and variety of fresh produce. Either google for recipes or make your version of juice. Aim for the right balance of tastes that you like. To cut through certain tastes you can add hint of lemon or ginger. Certain flavors can be enhanced by a tiny pinch of salt.

Vegetable and fruit juicers usually come with recipe booklets. Start off with those recipes first and then go exploring the world wide web. Your body, your skin and your hair will all thank you for it.