Why Should You Buy A Masticating Juicer?

Is Masticating Juicer A Life Style Choice?

If you want to maximize the nutrition profile of your juice, then choosing a masticating juicer makes sense. As the slow and steady masticating juicer ensures none of the vitamins, minerals and vital enzymes are lost to heat or oxidation. Buying a masticating juicer is also a lifestyle choice for some say many Masticating juicer reviews. Particularly if you wake up early or want to juice late at night. You cannot use a noisy juicer. Most centrifugal juicers are noisy. Masticating juicers are very quiet in their operation.


Masticating juicers are also versatile as they make nut milk, nut butters, baby food and pasta. So, if you regularly use or make this stuff it is useful to have masticating juicer that does these things. Juice made from masticating juicers has the ability to stay fresh for longer as the juicer is not degraded in anyway during the juicing process. The cold press method ensures no heat gets into the juice and the slow method ensures no oxidation. These two are responsible mostly for juice get spoilt. So, you can have fresh tasting juice for up to 72 hours when stored in the fridge. All the above factors make masticating juicer an obvious choice for those whose needs include high nutrition, long shelf-life, versatile and quiet juicer.

Horizontal or Vertical

There are two types of masticating juicers available in the market today. You can either buy vertical masticating juicers or horizontal ones. The advantages of vertical masticating juicers are that gravity helps in pushing the food down towards the rotating augers. Vertical machines are also easier to operate and clean. Generally, the cost of masticating juicers is higher than centrifugal juicers. The reason for this could be that high grade materials are used in the machine. Also, the design is different in these juicers and they come with long warranties of 7 years or more.

Space Constraints

With the aim of extracting maximum juice, the juicers come in all sizes and shapes. Some are bulky, some are tall, some are long, some are squat and so on. They occupy bit of space on the kitchen counter. So, if you have space constraints consider the size and type of juicer you want to buy carefully. It will impact your juicing habits as juicers that are too big may not be used often enough due to space issues. Consider also the actual number of people who will drink the juice you make daily. If it is just one or two buy a smaller sized juicer. Big chute size will reduce you prep time but will occupy more space on the counter.

Other Important Factors

  1. That's not all. you need to check for other important points too before buying a masticating juicer. Like how easy or difficult is to assemble.

  2. If it is too difficult to put together you may not use it often. Same argument holds for disassembly and cleaning. Those juicers which scored high on difficulty of cleaning, assembly and disassembly were rarely used by their owners.

  3. So, look for juicers that have dishwasher safe parts or cleaned easily by hand.

  4. Most juicers have a mesh screen which needs cleaning by hand as the fibers can get stuck in the small openings and block them completely. If you don't clean it immediately it can block and the juicer becomes useless over time. So, make sure you clean the screen with the special brush provided by the manufacturers to make the job easy for you.

  5. Juice yield is another factor that makes a big difference in the long-term juicing plans. If a juicer wastes lot of produce to make small amount of juice eventually you will stop using it as the costs of buying extra fresh produce adds to your weekly grocery bills. Buy juicers that extract maximum juice from the produce you put in to cut down on wastage and also money spent on buying fresh fruits and vegetables.