Mueller Austria Juicer: What is the best brand of juicer to buy?

Mueller Austria juicer is a centrifugal fast juicer that is affordable yet boasts of many features of the pricier brands and models.

It is extremely fast and produces juice in seconds. You can have a cup of juice in less than 5 seconds. It is simple to operate and looks fantastic on the countertop thanks to its sleek lines and glossy chrome finish.

The juicer features a number of user-friendly features like the large feed tube. At 3 inches in diameter this helps reduce the time that is usually needed to cut and chop fruits and vegetables into small enough pieces to fit through the tube.

The Mueller Austria juicer is compact as it has vertical design and so occupies very little space on the counter. It juices fruits and vegetables with equal ease generating juice quickly and efficiently except for leafy greens.

Juicer does not juice greens at all as they simply fly through the blade-mesh assembly and land in the pulp bin. So, if you want to know the answer to 'what is the best brand of juicer to buy?' we will answer Mueller Austria juicer without any doubt for many reasons which we will now list.

Mueller Austria juicer is very affordably priced and yet constructed with durable materials like stainless steel. The plastic used is BPA-free. The polished chrome finish makes it look classy and can be left on the counter as it does not occupy much space. A large jug to collect juice of capacity 34 ounces is provided along with the juicer. It also comes with a 68-ounce pulp bin. An anti-drip spout helps prevent wastage and spillage of juice. It also prevents spills and messes on the counters and kitchen floor saving time for you. The anti-slip silicone feet prevent the juicer from moving around during operation. Italian-made stainless-steel micro-mesh encloses the high-grade steel blades disk. The blades can run at two speeds – 12,000-18,000 RPM. It is powered by a 1100 W motor. Lower speed setting is suitable for softer produce and higher speed for the hard produce. Due to high speed spinning and juicing air and heat are transferred to juice. So, juice deteriorates faster. Consume the juice made as soon as possible or within 24 hours for maximum nutrition.

Safety And Other Factors

This is a high speed juicer and safety is an important concern. The Mueller Austria juicer does not operate unless the safety arm is perfectly aligned vertically. No one can operate this accidentally. Thermal overload cut-off switch prevents overheating of juicer or the burnout of the motor as it automatically shuts-off in such a scenario. Ensure that the motor cools off for a couple of minute after every one hour running time. Another thing that we mentioned already is the anti-slip silicone feet. They absorb vibrations and prevent juicer from moving around when juicing. Most parts of the Mueller Austria juicer except the blade-mesh are dishwasher safe. The mesh-blade assembly needs cleaning by hand with a special brush to remove all the pulp and fiber stuck in it. This is a noisy juicer just like all other centrifugal machines. There is 2-year warranty for the Mueller Austria juicer. At just 2.2 lbs it is portable and easily handled. The box includes the following parts – a base unit, with locking mechanism and anti-drip spout, a large pulp container, juice jar, blade and mesh filter with spout, food pusher, cover lid with funnel.