Why Make Juice An Integral Part Of Your Pregnancy Diet

Knowing that a nutritionally well rounded diet increases the chances for normal brain development, normal birth weight and decreases chances for complications in pregnancy, it is not a large leap to realize how juicing benefits the pregnant woman and her unborn fetus.

Juices can moderate or eliminate such pregnancy issues as fatigue, morning sickness, constipation, anemia and preeclampsia. Mood swings are much improved during the pregnancy and recovery time after delivery is likely shortened.

During pregnancy juicing will help you get the proper nutrients to alleviate pregnancy symptoms. Consume ample carbohydrate to control your weight as well prevent morning sickness and constipation. This will also provide your child with valuable nutrients. Juicing high fiber foods such as vegetables and fruit will assist your digestion. Avoid simple or refined sugars such as syrups and white breads.

Juicing and pregnancy are not mutually exclusive

In addition to fiber, fruits and vegetables are a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Juicing and pregnancy are interrelated nutritionally. It is recommended that during pregnancy you should juice at least two raw fruits and three raw vegetables daily including at least one high Vitamin C fruit such as an orange.
One cup of green, raw leafy vegetables is considered a serving whereas ½ cup is considered to be a serving when you are using cooked or raw non-leafy vegetables. One cup of raw whole fruit or ½ cup of chopped or cooked fruit is considered a serving.

You can see that eating the amount recommended would be a daunting task. Juicing concentrates the nutrients into one juice serving, a much more manageable feat.

The importance of fruits and vegetables during pregnancy cannot be overstated. Yellow and green leafy veggies provide Vitamin A which is vital for healthy bone, proper cell growth, healthy eyes and skin. Vegetables and fruits are also important sources of other essentials such as calcium, B vitamins, riboflavin and folic acid.

Juicing and pregnancy are not mutually exclusive. You can easily include variety of juices by juicing with a quality juicer. Black Friday is a just a few days away and many good juicers will be on sale. I am looking to forward Black Friday juicer discounts and great deals on juicers this Black Friday. Juicing is a quick, simple, tasty source of nutrients for both mother and child. Juicing while pregnant is a delightful way to ensure a healthy mother and baby.