Best Omega Juicer – Vertical Masticating Juicer Review

If you would like to know more about the vertical masticating juicer from Omega. Here is a review of best Omega juicer model.

VRT350 Omega Juicer

The Omega VRT350 Juicer is a slow juicer that runs at 80 rpm. It is a vertical masticating juicer with high juicing efficiency.

This juicer offers a high juice yield. With the juicer machine standing tall rather than wide, you don't need a lot of counter space. It is compact and sleek, and can sit comfortably on your kitchen counter alongside all your other appliances.

The Omega VRT350 Juicer retains all nutrients and keeps enzymes in the juice intact so that juice remains fresh for longer (up to 72 hours). As the juicing is at slow speed, there is no agitation of the juice and therefore not much oxidation.

The auto-clean feature found in many Omega juicer models helps keep the juicing screen clean. In turn, this permits continuous juicing without frequent pauses to unclog the juicer.

Cleaning up after juicing is simple and quick. The Omega VRT350 Juicer is equipped with an ULTEM juicing screen that is durable and very strong. It can take a lot of heavy duty juicing without being damaged.

The Omega VRT350 Juicer is highly suitable for commercial establishments which need fast and continuous juicers with little downtime. The device comes with a 2-year warranty.

One minor quibble with the vertical Omega juicer is a higher pulp content in the juice. Many users like juice to be pulpy, though, which works out nicely.


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