AMZCHEF Juicer Review

The Amzchef slow juicer is a compact masticating juicer that handles all types of hard and soft produce with relative ease. With a powerful 150-watt motor the Amzchef slow juicer is able to crush almost any type of hard or soft produce without any issues. It does particularly well with leafy greens. When compared against other masticating juicers it was noted that the juice yield from leafy greens was comparable to some of more expensive juicer models. It produces copious amounts of juice from leafy greens due to its unique juicing technology. It also does well with hard produce like apples, ginger, carrots and pears. But with soft produce it is not that great. It is also good to make baby food. The large pulp bin helps in juicing for longer time without stopping. The Amzchef juicer is also easy to operate with an unique reverse function which helps in easy cleaning and unclogging of machine. Unlike the fast juicers which extract juice at high speeds of over 1500 RPM, the AMZCHEF juicer uses a slow speed technology with a 7-spiral auger that twists the produce at a slow speed of 80 RPM helping to draw out the juice. This helps in extracting every bit of juice and ejection of a very dry pulp.

The motor is a powerful one which drives a 7-spiral auger to extract large amounts of juice with ease. The speed of rotation is 80 rpm. At this speed the problems of high speed juicing like heat and oxidation are not major issues. Heating and oxidation are the twin culprits which cause the destruction of nutrients in the juice. The juice extracted by using Amzchef slow juicer is more nutritious and contains vitamins, enzymes and minerals which otherwise lost to heating effects and agitation effects in a centrifugal juicer. Due to the slow speed of juicing nutrition is not lost and also ensures the longer shelf life of juice along with retaining original flavors of the juice. It has very modern design which helps it to fit in with any d├ęcor or design of a modern kitchen. With its standout color it adds a touch of glamor to the kitchen. Due to sturdy material used in construction of the juicer it can resist corrosion and any warp due to heating. It is designed to be durable. The smaller feed tubes ensure safety for kids. But the downside is that you end up cutting and chopping produce into smaller bits to be fed through the tube of the Amzchef slow juicer.