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Juice Recipes To Use For Your Daily Life

I use the following juice recipes with my masticating juicer to make my own juices everyday. Here are a combination of different fruits, vegetables and greens that I use in my masticating juicer. You may skip the items that you don't have. Also, certain strong smelling items like garlic can be skipped as they might not be to your taste. I add garlic to all my juices since I need it for my arthritis. Feel free to skip as I agree that it sounds strange to mix blackberries or strawberries with garlic and it does interfere with the taste a little but not much as I have so much going in my juices.

#1 Juice Recipe Ingredients: Kale Spinach Ginger Celery Cilantro Grapes Beet Kiwi Cherub Tomatoes Turmeric Broccoli Lemon Apple Garlic Blackberries Fennel Cucumber

#2 Juice Recipe

Ingredients: Kale Parsley Cilantro Apple Blackberries Grapes Spinach Broccoli Garlic Turmeric Cucumber Ginger Celery

#3 Juice Recipe

Ingredients: Spinach Cilantro Kale Ginger Celery Fennel Cucumber Orange Garlic Grapes Squash

#5 Juice Recipe

Ingredients: Pear Pineapple Cilantro Parsley Ginger Strawberry Raspberry Blackberry Brussels Sprout Garlic Asparagus Fennel Celery Cucumber

A Few Mango Juice Health Benefits

Mangoes are succulent and delicious, full vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. With so many people savoring their taste, it is not surprising to figure out why they have been christened as “the king of fruits”. While these fruits can be eaten whole, juicing them helps the body absorb the nutrients contained in them much faster. Some of the health benefits of mango juice include but not limited to the following:

  1. Keeps Blood Pressure in Check Mangoes are rich in magnesium and potassium, two of the most essential nutrients for controlling blood pressure. They are also a vitamins powerhouse, loaded with vitamins B6, A, C, E and K making them outstanding at preventing a myriad of diseases brought about by a deficiency of the mentioned vitamins. Apart from that a glass of mango juice contains vitamin E and can help boost the activity of sex hormones.

  2. Prevents Cancer and Keeps the Heart Healthy Mango juice has high amounts of pectin, a soluble dietary fiber that helps lower cholesterol in addition to preventing the development of cancer. Recent findings have it that pectin can combine with galectin 3 and inhibit the progression and effects of cancer. Also, drinking the juice on a regular basis reduces the risk of gastrointestinal tract cancer.

  3. Helps in Digestion The high presence of digestive enzymes in mango juice makes it remarkable at eliminating problems such as excess acidity and indigestion. Other bioactive components found in the juice such as esters and terpenes as well as aldehydes are essential in increasing the appetite and enhancing the functionality of the digestive system.

  4. Helps You Gain Weight Drinking a glass of mango juice on a regular basis is one of the easiest ways to gain and maintain a healthy weight. A glass of the juice contains about 86 calories that are easily absorbed by the body. Furthermore mangoes contain traces of starch that is converted into starch thereby helping you gain weight. If you need to add a few pounds for whatever reason, drink this juice to accelerate the process.

  5. Slows the Sign of Aging and Promotes Brain Health Mangoes are full of vitamin A and C, two imperative vitamins as far as production of collagen proteins is concerned. Collagen aids in shielding blood vessels and connective tissues and in so doing slow down the aging process.

Mango juice has abundant vitamin B-6 content that is essential for enhancing and maintaining the brain’s function. It helps amalgamate vital neurotransmitters that play the role of controlling moods and sleep patterns.

  1. Helps Fight Acne You may not know it, but mangoes are remarkable at improving the skin’s health. The juice adds glow to the skin besides making it light. In addition, it helps open clogged skin pores thus reducing the intensity of acne. Apply mango extracts on the skin, let it sit for about 10 minutes and rinse it off for fast and effective results.

Ripe mangoes are soft to touch and red, orange or yellow in color. Due to their high nutritional content and sweet taste, they can be juiced alone but you can add other fruits such as oranges, pineapples, apples and bananas if for anything to enhance the nutritional content. Mangoes are readily available in groceries or food stores and can be juiced with a Koios Masticating Juicer.

Why Should You Buy Fruit And Vegetable Juicer?

Everyone knows that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables should be part of our daily eating. But how many of us eat the minimum 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. Most folks just skip the vegetables and go on to meat course and dessert course. In fact, many meat eaters refuse to even consider eating one serving of fruits or vegetables.

They simply abhor the idea of chewing and swallowing greens and veggies. Enter a fruit and vegetable juicer. Using a good quality slow fruit and vegetable juicer you can juice a whole variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and greens to extract amazing and delicious juices. As every bit of nutrition is extracted from the produce you can benefit from massive doses of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other vital nutrients these fresh juices provide.

The pulp can also be put to good use by mixing it with patties, soups, sauces and gravies. As all the juice is extracted the pulp has no taste as such but there is lot of useful fiber in it. And this fiber helps in binding the toxins and expelling it from the body. Even folks who hate the very idea of eating fruits and vegetables are ready to drink up the freshly made juices.

We consume a ton of canned beverages, sweetened and aerated drinks which are bad for our health and teeth. Even if you drink just one can of soda per day that is still a lot of empty calories and sugar. Instead replacing it with freshly extracted juices with the help of your fruit and vegetable juicer can simply change how you feel and perform through the day.

The juices help in removing toxins from the body. They help in repairing damaged cells, tissue and in keeping the different organs of the body performing at peak capacity. Actually, plain water is also good enough to remove toxins. But, for the same reason that we avoid eating vegetables and fruits, we also tend to avoid drinking water and instead reach for a can of sweetened beverage. While fresh juices are chock-full of useful nutrients, the canned beverage offers only sugar and useless calories.

Vegetable and juices made of greens almost zero calorie drinks. Adding a fruit or two add some calories to the drinks. It is not empty calories. They are nutritious and help fuel the body. With the help of vegetable and fruit juicer you can control what goes into your drink – the right number of veggies, greens and fruits. This in turn controls the taste, calories and fructose in the drink. You could tailor your drink to be energizing in the mornings, nutritious for the afternoons and soothing for the night. Every aspect is in your control.

The internet is a great boon as there are literally millions of recipes for every conceivable type of condition and need. Everyday new recipes are getting added. There are blogs and websites dedicated to juice recipes. There are communities around juicing on Pinterest and Instagram. Facebook, YouTube have their dedicated juicing channels and pages. With so many recipe choices and information on juicing you cannot claim that you do not know how to make juice.

All you need is a fruit and vegetable juicer and variety of fresh produce. Either google for recipes or make your version of juice. Aim for the right balance of tastes that you like. To cut through certain tastes you can add hint of lemon or ginger. Certain flavors can be enhanced by a tiny pinch of salt.

Vegetable and fruit juicers usually come with recipe booklets. Start off with those recipes first and then go exploring the world wide web. Your body, your skin and your hair will all thank you for it.

What Makes a Breville Citrus Juicer So Special?

Breville is an innovative market leader from Australia. Breville designs citrus juicers for home users that are serious about their juice quality and are searching for a powerful, superior juicer. For those who demand excellence a Breville citrus juicer may be the best citrus juicer for you according to citrus juicer reviews..

Breville Vegetable and Citrus Duo Juicer

Breville also makes the handy Vegetable and Citrus Duo juicer for about $100. This juicer is actually like having two powerful juicers in one machine. It features include vegetable juicer and citrus juicer, very quick and simple operation, large pulp container and a 320 watt induction motor to ensure quiet, powerful operation.

The Breville JC7

The Breville JC7 is a fully automatic citrus juicer. It gives you healthy, freshly squeezed juice in a matter of seconds. Two filter cone sizes enable control of amount of pulp in your juice. The stainless steel strainer is easy to clean and will never corrode. With a 1 year warranty,stylish, compact design and efficient, reliable performance combined with a very affordable price of $60 makes this Breville juicer very tempting.

The Breville JC6B

Last, but surely not least, of the line of Breville Citrus Juicers is model JC6B, the Citrus Fresh. This juicer will satisfy your craving for juice in a few seconds. Small and large pored cones allow control of the pulp contained in the juice. With a large 800ml juice jug, you can fill the jug and serve the whole family their morning breakfast juice. At a bargain price of $35 the JC6B is sure to please the wallet as well as your palate.

As you can see there is an affordable Breville Citrus Juicer in any price range your budget dictates. Breville prides itself on designing the best citrus juicers available anywhere, at any price. Quality construction and materials along with innovative excellence in design and operation make Breville Citrus Juicers the best citrus juicers for all who crave delicious, healthy citrus juices according to several citrus juicer reviews.

Why Make Juice An Integral Part Of Your Pregnancy Diet

Knowing that a nutritionally well rounded diet increases the chances for normal brain development, normal birth weight and decreases chances for complications in pregnancy, it is not a large leap to realize how juicing benefits the pregnant woman and her unborn fetus.

Juices can moderate or eliminate such pregnancy issues as fatigue, morning sickness, constipation, anemia and preeclampsia. Mood swings are much improved during the pregnancy and recovery time after delivery is likely shortened.

During pregnancy juicing will help you get the proper nutrients to alleviate pregnancy symptoms. Consume ample carbohydrate to control your weight as well prevent morning sickness and constipation. This will also provide your child with valuable nutrients. Juicing high fiber foods such as vegetables and fruit will assist your digestion. Avoid simple or refined sugars such as syrups and white breads.

Juicing and pregnancy are not mutually exclusive

In addition to fiber, fruits and vegetables are a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Juicing and pregnancy are interrelated nutritionally. It is recommended that during pregnancy you should juice at least two raw fruits and three raw vegetables daily including at least one high Vitamin C fruit such as an orange.
One cup of green, raw leafy vegetables is considered a serving whereas ½ cup is considered to be a serving when you are using cooked or raw non-leafy vegetables. One cup of raw whole fruit or ½ cup of chopped or cooked fruit is considered a serving.

You can see that eating the amount recommended would be a daunting task. Juicing concentrates the nutrients into one juice serving, a much more manageable feat.

The importance of fruits and vegetables during pregnancy cannot be overstated. Yellow and green leafy veggies provide Vitamin A which is vital for healthy bone, proper cell growth, healthy eyes and skin. Vegetables and fruits are also important sources of other essentials such as calcium, B vitamins, riboflavin and folic acid.

Juicing and pregnancy are not mutually exclusive. You can easily include variety of juices by juicing with a quality juicer. Black Friday is a just a few days away and many good juicers will be on sale. I am looking to forward Black Friday juicer discounts and great deals on juicers this Black Friday. Juicing is a quick, simple, tasty source of nutrients for both mother and child. Juicing while pregnant is a delightful way to ensure a healthy mother and baby.

Mueller Austria Juicer: What is the best brand of juicer to buy?

Mueller Austria juicer is a centrifugal fast juicer that is affordable yet boasts of many features of the pricier brands and models.

It is extremely fast and produces juice in seconds. You can have a cup of juice in less than 5 seconds. It is simple to operate and looks fantastic on the countertop thanks to its sleek lines and glossy chrome finish.

The juicer features a number of user-friendly features like the large feed tube. At 3 inches in diameter this helps reduce the time that is usually needed to cut and chop fruits and vegetables into small enough pieces to fit through the tube.

The Mueller Austria juicer is compact as it has vertical design and so occupies very little space on the counter. It juices fruits and vegetables with equal ease generating juice quickly and efficiently except for leafy greens.

Juicer does not juice greens at all as they simply fly through the blade-mesh assembly and land in the pulp bin. So, if you want to know the answer to 'what is the best brand of juicer to buy?' we will answer Mueller Austria juicer without any doubt for many reasons which we will now list.

Mueller Austria juicer is very affordably priced and yet constructed with durable materials like stainless steel. The plastic used is BPA-free. The polished chrome finish makes it look classy and can be left on the counter as it does not occupy much space. A large jug to collect juice of capacity 34 ounces is provided along with the juicer. It also comes with a 68-ounce pulp bin. An anti-drip spout helps prevent wastage and spillage of juice. It also prevents spills and messes on the counters and kitchen floor saving time for you. The anti-slip silicone feet prevent the juicer from moving around during operation. Italian-made stainless-steel micro-mesh encloses the high-grade steel blades disk. The blades can run at two speeds – 12,000-18,000 RPM. It is powered by a 1100 W motor. Lower speed setting is suitable for softer produce and higher speed for the hard produce. Due to high speed spinning and juicing air and heat are transferred to juice. So, juice deteriorates faster. Consume the juice made as soon as possible or within 24 hours for maximum nutrition.

Safety And Other Factors

This is a high speed juicer and safety is an important concern. The Mueller Austria juicer does not operate unless the safety arm is perfectly aligned vertically. No one can operate this accidentally. Thermal overload cut-off switch prevents overheating of juicer or the burnout of the motor as it automatically shuts-off in such a scenario. Ensure that the motor cools off for a couple of minute after every one hour running time. Another thing that we mentioned already is the anti-slip silicone feet. They absorb vibrations and prevent juicer from moving around when juicing. Most parts of the Mueller Austria juicer except the blade-mesh are dishwasher safe. The mesh-blade assembly needs cleaning by hand with a special brush to remove all the pulp and fiber stuck in it. This is a noisy juicer just like all other centrifugal machines. There is 2-year warranty for the Mueller Austria juicer. At just 2.2 lbs it is portable and easily handled. The box includes the following parts – a base unit, with locking mechanism and anti-drip spout, a large pulp container, juice jar, blade and mesh filter with spout, food pusher, cover lid with funnel.

Should We Wait Till Black Friday 2020 For Steeper Discounts On Juicers

So, we are at the time of the year again when things you want to buy are available at really low prices. Ahead of Christmas on the last Friday of every November stores around the country want to clear out their old stocks to make for new stock before Christmas. I am looking forward to great juicer deals this Black Friday

They are willing to give these unsold products at really rock bottom prices as they can clear the shelves and stock them with brand new holiday goods geared for Christmas. But, what was once a simple clearance sale has evolved into this giant shopping day with huge sales happening because of the hefty discounts offered.

Folks look forward to this day so they can stock up on products needed for household, for personal use or even for gifting with Christmas around the corner.

It has evolved into a huge shopping tradition. Huge crowds throng the shops long before opening times waiting to rush in and grab the most coveted items for hugely discounted prices. But, all that seems a thing of the past what with the Corona virus taking a firm hold of the country and the world. Curbing unnecessary social contact and maintaining social distancing are the ways to keep Corona under check.

But what will that mean to America's favorite shopping day – The Black Friday Sale? Can we safely shop on Black Friday while maintaining social distance?

Many Folks Even Wonder if Black Friday Sales are Cancelled?

On the contrary it is going to go ahead. But, yes it will not be like what we are used to. No shoving and pushing. No standing in queues for hours. It is expected to be different and bigger. Most retailers are planning to take their Black Friday Sales online. Many are planning to hold the Black Friday sales spread out over several days like Walmarts. An the giant online retailer Amazon seems to be having a continuous and ongoing sales called Holiday Dash centered around giftable items.

Black Friday falls on 27th November this year but you will likely see Black Fridays sales happening much ahead to help keep crowds at manageable levels and with social distancing measures in place. And yes the products are available at marked down prices and with huge discounts. So, if you want to stock up giftable items like juicers and more before Christmas this is the right time. Price discounts ranging from 10-50% offers good savings on gift shopping on items like juicers.

It also helps to plan ahead and shop wisely instead of impulsively. It is also safer as you can shop from home or one of the many days designated as Black Friday Sales days this year.

While Black Friday offers great discounts it may not always be possible for you to get hold of the items as few of them are in stock and sold out within minutes of store openings. Then there is the real danger of you mistakenly getting a different juicer model than what you want or a dress or shoe of different size than yours.

It is always happening due to the huge rush and crush on Black Friday. The steep discounts are so attractive that we barely register other important factors like size/color/model and end up buying unwanted stuff. The longer sale windows on offer this year can help you plan and buy juicers that you really want to for yourself or as gifts.

Use the days Holiday Dash and other discount days ahead of Black Friday or research and buy juicers with great discounts. The discounts may not be the steepest but they are good discounts ranging from 10-50% and you do with the savings before Christmas. Find juicer deals Black Friday discounts

Is a cold press juicer better?

What is a cold press juicer? What is a centrifugal juicer? Is a cold press juicer better?

Wondering about these and more questions like these. Here we will be clearing a lot of your doubts about juicing in a short and crisp manner. Last few years has seen the juicing trend take off in a really big way as people from all walks of life adopted juicing as a healthy lifestyle choice. To help extract juice in an efficient and effective way more and more juicers have been developed with advanced technologies to crush the fresh produce into an easily consumable juice form that is rich in nutrients.

For ages now people have been consuming juice as a means of getting better and to supply youngsters with more energetic fresh juice drinks that contain useful nutrition. Most juices were made by hand squeezing or some mechanical devices like citrus press. This method while retaining maximum nutrition did not offer an efficient way of extracting juice.

A lot of juice was left in the pulp and a lot of good parts were also left behind like the skin. With efficient juicing machines like cold press juicers, centrifugal juicers and others maximum amount of juice was extracted with almost all parts of the produce being reduced to liquid form. Very little was ejected out as waste.

The last decade has seen a sudden spurt of interest in healthy living. People have taken up to juicing in a big way. Juices deliver a power packed punch in terms of nutrition. They are highly concentrated form of drinking up a rainbow coloured variety of salads. The juice is rich in multi-vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and enzymes that give your health and immunity a boost.

With cold press juicers you are able to get at maximum nutrition as these juicers are able to extra every last drop of juice from the fresh produce. These juicers pulverize, masticate and chew produce and then press them hard to remove juice leaving behind a dry pulp.

Almost any liquid that can be extracted is taken out from fresh produce by masticating slow juicers. They rotate a very slow speed and do not transfer heat or air to the juice.

So nutritional loss is minimal. Centrifugal juicers spin at thousands of rotations per minute shredding produce and extracting juice due to the centrifugal force. Large amounts of heat and air are incorporated in the juice due to this high-speed of juicing. While this fast juice generates juice quickly is leads to some loss of nutrition which does not happen in a cold press juicer.

So, which juicer is better? Should you buy a cold press juicer that extracts maximum nutrition or go for the convenience of a fast juicer. What is a better choice? It depends on you the user. If you are mainly looking for juice that will eventually use in some form of cooking or baking there is no point in buying expensive slow juicers. If you are looking for less work, less hassle when juicing and don't mind some loss of nutrition then just buy yourself a fast-centrifugal juicer.

If nutrition is of utmost importance and only reason why you are looking at juicers going for types that offer to retain maximum nutrition like the masticating cold press juicers is the answer. In centrifugal juicers with large feed tubes it is easy to just drop whole apples and oranges and collect the juice at the other end. But in masticating juicers you do need to chop the fresh produce in smaller chunks to feed through the smaller tubes.

The juicing also happens slowly. The process is slow as the juicer rotates at less than 100 rpm in order to prevent any oxidation or heat generation both of which cause loss of valuable vitamins and enzymes from the extracted juice.

Cold press juicers are multi-functional and can be used to make range of other foods like pasta, nut butter, nut milk and baby food. With centrifugal juicers you can only make juice. So, for the extra cost you get more versatility.

Why Should You Buy A Masticating Juicer?

Is Masticating Juicer A Life Style Choice?

If you want to maximize the nutrition profile of your juice, then choosing a masticating juicer makes sense. As the slow and steady masticating juicer ensures none of the vitamins, minerals and vital enzymes are lost to heat or oxidation. Buying a masticating juicer is also a lifestyle choice for some say many Masticating juicer reviews. Particularly if you wake up early or want to juice late at night. You cannot use a noisy juicer. Most centrifugal juicers are noisy. Masticating juicers are very quiet in their operation.


Masticating juicers are also versatile as they make nut milk, nut butters, baby food and pasta. So, if you regularly use or make this stuff it is useful to have masticating juicer that does these things. Juice made from masticating juicers has the ability to stay fresh for longer as the juicer is not degraded in anyway during the juicing process. The cold press method ensures no heat gets into the juice and the slow method ensures no oxidation. These two are responsible mostly for juice get spoilt. So, you can have fresh tasting juice for up to 72 hours when stored in the fridge. All the above factors make masticating juicer an obvious choice for those whose needs include high nutrition, long shelf-life, versatile and quiet juicer.

Horizontal or Vertical

There are two types of masticating juicers available in the market today. You can either buy vertical masticating juicers or horizontal ones. The advantages of vertical masticating juicers are that gravity helps in pushing the food down towards the rotating augers. Vertical machines are also easier to operate and clean. Generally, the cost of masticating juicers is higher than centrifugal juicers. The reason for this could be that high grade materials are used in the machine. Also, the design is different in these juicers and they come with long warranties of 7 years or more.

Space Constraints

With the aim of extracting maximum juice, the juicers come in all sizes and shapes. Some are bulky, some are tall, some are long, some are squat and so on. They occupy bit of space on the kitchen counter. So, if you have space constraints consider the size and type of juicer you want to buy carefully. It will impact your juicing habits as juicers that are too big may not be used often enough due to space issues. Consider also the actual number of people who will drink the juice you make daily. If it is just one or two buy a smaller sized juicer. Big chute size will reduce you prep time but will occupy more space on the counter.

Other Important Factors

  1. That's not all. you need to check for other important points too before buying a masticating juicer. Like how easy or difficult is to assemble.

  2. If it is too difficult to put together you may not use it often. Same argument holds for disassembly and cleaning. Those juicers which scored high on difficulty of cleaning, assembly and disassembly were rarely used by their owners.

  3. So, look for juicers that have dishwasher safe parts or cleaned easily by hand.

  4. Most juicers have a mesh screen which needs cleaning by hand as the fibers can get stuck in the small openings and block them completely. If you don't clean it immediately it can block and the juicer becomes useless over time. So, make sure you clean the screen with the special brush provided by the manufacturers to make the job easy for you.

  5. Juice yield is another factor that makes a big difference in the long-term juicing plans. If a juicer wastes lot of produce to make small amount of juice eventually you will stop using it as the costs of buying extra fresh produce adds to your weekly grocery bills. Buy juicers that extract maximum juice from the produce you put in to cut down on wastage and also money spent on buying fresh fruits and vegetables.

Omega Cold Press 365 Juicing System - Omega Cold Press 365 H3000D Juicer

What produce can Omega Cold Press 365 H3000D juice?

You will be amazed to know that the Omega Cold Press 365 juicer is great at juicing all kinds of produce from hard vegetables like beets, carrots, radish to soft vegetables like peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. It can handle stringy vegetables like celery with ease too. Every type of produce is juiced while retaining original taste and the maximum nutrition. The Omega Cold Press 365 juicer H3000D uses a unique way to get juice out of produce and this ensures maximum taste and nutrition.

Does Omega Cold Press 365 H3000D juice leafy greens?

It does exceptionally well with leafy greens. The Omega Cold Press 365 does a good job with wheat grass too. It juices all types of greens from kale, cabbage, spinach to extract generous amounts of juice. It can do this quickly too. It extracts juice with maximum nutrition as the juicing is done in a very favorable method to retaining maximum nutrients. There is hardly any loss of minerals and enzymes to heat or oxidation.

List some reasons why we should buy Omega Cold Press 365

There are 3 reasons why Omega Cold Press 365 is a great buy.

It helps retain maximum nutrition due to the very unique way of juicing. The reason for consuming juice is to get as much nutrition as possible and in concentrated form so, our body benefits from that extra dose. Omega Cold Press 365 delivers very nutritious juice every time due to the powerful motor juicing the produce by crushing them very slowly. This way the juice does not get exposed to either heat or oxidation. This helps retains all the enzymes and vitamins which are most sensitive to oxidation or heat.

The health of your gut determines your overall health. If you have healthy gut, you'll enjoy more fruitful life. Our digestive tracts are teeming with bacteria that help in digestion and extracting nutrition from food. Many problems like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and more can be sort out by changing your diet. If you eat nutritious and well-balanced plant-based diet these gut bacteria will thrive and keep your immunity up. Drinking juice and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables should be part of your diet.

Healthy and fresh juices are great energy boosters. They make you active and full of life. Drinking plenty of fresh juices is a great way to boost immunity. It also helps in curbing all those unhealthy urges to eat junk food in the middle of the night. It helps lose weight naturally.

Does Juice Extracted by Omega Cold Press 365 H3000D provide immunity?

As the juice is extracted by the cold press method it has all the nutritious enzymes which help to improve immunity. You can transform your health by supplying with high-quality nutrients by drinking this juice. Get a full-days' worth of vitamins and minerals in one delicious juice.